Ice Skate | Great Lakes Guide
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Ice skating is certainly one of the most popular winter activities. Whether you’re playing hockey, practicing your toe jumps, or strapping on a pair of skates for the first time, the Great Lakes region is the perfect skating destination. Skate along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa (the largest natural skating rink in the world!) for a truly unique winter experience. Or, head over to one of the Great Lakes’ parks to skate through the forest trails or on nearby ponds and frozen inlets. Whatever destination you choose, you are sure to find a charming spot to glide through the region’s unmatched winter scenery.

I remember it froze all the way across, but there wasn’t any snow. The snow had all blown off. So it was just an immense skating rink. For the week it was like that, I was on it every day and we would play hockey.

Lake Ontario, ON
Dan Berman
Lake Ontario Watershed