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Pinery Provincial Park


The Pinery Provincial Park protects and extraordinary amount of wildlife. Located on the shores of Lake Huron, this park covers a globally rare Oak Savanna ecosystem, freshwater coastal dunes, the largest protected forest in southwestern Ontario, and vital habitat for endangered species. With over 700 plants, 300 birds, and 60 butterfly species that depend on these habitats, this park plays a crucial conservation role. Flowing gently through the park is the Old Ausable Channel; a wide slow-moving river, great for canoeing and exploring the wetlands along the river borders. The many trails that wind through the park will take you past all the rare and beautiful sights unique to this park. You can walk through the rare Oak Savanna habitat and see all the rare plant species growing in the open grasslands, interspersed with large oak trees. Another trail takes you along the top of the parks’ oldest and largest dune ridge, offering views of Lake Huron and the surrounding farmland. After all of your exploration, rest and cool off on the 10km beach that stretches along the Lake Huron shoreline. Pinery Provincial Park offers very unique and rare scenery, with recreational activities that are just as diverse and special. It is absolutely worth a visit!

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

This park is on the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.
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Lake Huron

Traditional Territories

Attiwonderonk (Neutral)


Treaty 29, 1827



9526 Lakeshore Road R. R. #2, Grand Bend, ON, N0M 1T0

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