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Just west of the Humber River, Humber Bay Shores Park provides a beautiful view of the waterfront in a more serene environment than parks down the shore at the city centre are able to offer. The water at this park is not tested for E. coli, but it is still a great spot to walk dogs, go for a bike ride or a stroll, or even have a picnic. Be very cautious around the water in this area as it is in close proximity to the Humber Sewage Treatment Plant. E. coli can cause sickness for you or your pets.

Water Quality:

  • Weather
  • Current temperature
  • Feels like 2°
Light rain in the afternoon and evening.

    • Humidity

    • 90%
    • Precipitation

    • 0%
    • Precip. type

    • None
    • UV Index

    • 0
    • Visibility

    • 16.1km
    • Sunrise

    • 7:21 AM
    • Sunset

    • 4:49 PM
    • Wind gust

    • 5.8kph
    • Wind speed

    • 3.9kph
    • Wind direction

    • East

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    • Friday

    • -1°
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    • -1°
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I always feel like I can breathe so much better by the water than anywhere else.

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