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    Biscotasi Lake Provincial Park
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Located along an historic route of the Ojibwe Indigenous people, Biscotasi Lake Provincial Park is a culturally important area, and a favourite place for backcountry canoeing. Lake Biscotasi (pronounced bisk-O-teh-see) means “lake of long bays”, in Ojibwe. The lake nears 37 km in length, boasting over 900 km of spectacular forested and rocky shorelines, and more than 400 islands for you to explore. Biscotasi Lake and The Spanish river have a number of paddling routes for canoeists of intermediate skill level. A number of paddling options of varying lengths make this park an ideal spot for overnight backcountry paddling trips. Fishing is also very popular in the area, so make sure to bring a fishing pole. You might catch Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, or Brook Trout! There are also abundant opportunities to view wildlife, including a variety of bird species, making this a great area for bird enthusiasts. Though no designated beaches exist at Biscotasi lake, plenty of swimming opportunities are available in this lovely Provincial Park.


660 Imperial Street North, P.O. Box 37, Massey, ON, P0P 1P0 (Chutes Provincial Park)

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