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The Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park is the second to largest provincial park, after Algonquin. The park was officially designated in 2011 by Ontario Provincial Parks, but was formerly Crown land used for recreational activities. Since the park is set on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield in a relatively undeveloped area, it is home for a variety of native wildlife and vegetation. The park encompasses the main belt of the Kawartha Lakes, including Bottle, Anstruther, and Sucker Lake. The area is accessible mainly by canoes or kayaks, allowing you to discover the multitude of other small lakes scattered throughout the park. On land, you can explore the mature forests, rocky ridges, and beautiful bogs throughout this protected area. In the fall, the maple trees beam with vibrant red colours and the poplars with vibrant yellows. For a unique view of the fall foliage, explore the area by water. You can also take a nice day walk along the park trails, or at the many boat launch and portage points. You can also enjoy winter activities in this park. Please contact the park for more details.


106 Monck Street, Bancroft, ON, K0L 1C0

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We are outdoors, and when you are on the water, especially a body of water like that, you feel a lot more connected to the space, the water, the shoreline, and what’s going on around you.

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Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park