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If you are looking for a place to hike through a fascinating landscape, visit the Komoka Provincial Park near London, ON. Along the Thames river, the ravine is deep with steep edges. It forms a beautiful valley, heavily forested and punctuated with exposed cliff banks. The land on the southeast side of the ravine is nearly 20 metres higher than the north side, so you will get a very different hike depending on which side of the river you explore. Make sure you walk to the very end of the eastern blue trail: here you will be greeted with a sensational view of the Thames River and surrounding countryside. More than 100 rare species live here due the park's ideal location, landscape, and unique ecology of the ravine. Komoko park provides vital protection for these rare species, several of which are endangered or threatened. Species that include the American Badger, Eastern Hog-nosed Snake, Least Bittern, the Spiny Softshell turtle, and the Black Tern. This park is a must-see for its beauty and environmental importance.


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503 Gideon Drive, London, ON, N6K 4N8

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