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Osprey Wetlands Conservation Area


One of the most unique and captivating natural settings awaits you at the Osprey Wetlands Conservation Area. This destination has over 6,500 acres of wetlands, including a raised bog at one of the highest elevations in Southern Ontario! Recognized as an Area of Natural Scientific Interest (ANSI), the Osprey Wetlands even features an esker (a unique, long and winding ridge of gravel and sand). Hike the lovely mixed hardwood trails, enjoy a peaceful picnic, do some fishing on the water, and take in the diverse wildlife. Tip: this site is one of the best snowshoeing destinations — so don’t miss out on a one-of-a-kind winter adventure!

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0° degrees celsius.
Rain (with a chance of 2–5 cm. of snow) throughout the day.


Lake Huron

Traditional Territories



Treaty 18, 1818


Badjeros, ON N0C 1A0

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