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For nature and lighthouse enthusiasts, Presqu’ile Provincial Park is a fascinating destination. The park named after the French word for peninsula, which translates directly to "almost island". This park is the site of the second oldest operating lighthouse in the province, located on the shores of Lake Ontario. In the 1800s the shallow waters of the bay claimed many ships, so the lighthouse was built as a crucial point of reference for ships venturing around Lake Ontario. This park protects a tremendous amount of diversity in its small area. There is a sand beach on Popham Bay, two ridges of dunes, a seasonally wet meadow between the dune ridges, and finger-like points arched into Presqu'ile Bay Marsh. The various habitats make it a migration hotspot in spring and fall for over 300 bird species. You can explore these wondrous ecosystems by canoeing the bay and marsh area, or walking through a towering beech-maple tree stand. You might also pass meadows and marshes filled with nesting birds. Additionally, there are interesting heritage sites in the park, including an abandoned pioneer cemetery, farmers’ fields, and, of course, the historic lighthouse!


  • Traditional Territories

328 Presqu'ile Parkway, Brighton, ON, K0K 1H0

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    • Visibility

    • 16.1km
    • Sunrise

    • 7:40 AM
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    • 5:07 PM
    • Wind gust

    • 43.2kph
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My connection to this waterbody is taking photographs of water birds on Lake Ontario in Presqu'ile Provincial Park.

Lake Ontario, ON
Ann McPherson
Presqu'ile Provincial Park