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Sauble Falls Provincial Park


Sauble Falls Provincial Park is the perfect spot to watch the amazing feat of spawning salmon, as they leap over cascading waterfalls. In the spring and the fall, Rainbow Trout and Chinook salmon can be seen struggling over the ledges to get to their spawning spot upstream in Sauble River. These waterfalls are wide and low, in a river that is a well-liked spot for many fish, making it an ideal fishing destination. The area has also played an important role in local history: these falls were a key portage site for the Bruce Peninsula, and were later used by settlers to power a timber mill and generating station. The area is now flanked by an immature forest that is regenerating after being logged in the early 1900s. To see the regenerating forest, take a walk along the Sauble Trail that winds through the Red Pine Plantation and the old sand dune ecosystem or go for a canoe trip up the river. A leisurely paddle up the Sauble River is a perfect way to see the park, and for beginners to learn to paddle. Both banks of the river contain portions of huge, yet fragile, ancient sand dunes. Not only does the park protect important spawning habitat, but it preserves this important ecological area! You can also enjoy winter activities in this park. Please contact the park for more details.

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Lake Huron

Traditional Territories



Treaty 72, 1854




1400 Sauble Falls Road South, Bruce Peninsula, ON, N0H 2T0

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