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Silent Lake Provincial Park


Silent Lake Provincial Park has rocky shorelines, jagged landscapes covered in mixed forests, and marshes full of birds and wildlife. The trail that loops around the lake provides a great opportunity for wildlife viewing, bringing you closer to nature. You will see fascinating examples of natural disturbances, like pines stumps charred by forest fire, or claw marks from black bears climbing the trees for food. The longest trail in the park is challenging, but very rewarding. Along its path, you will pass the classic hardwood forests, unique wet beaver meadows, and cedar-black ash swamps. Make sure to pack water, snacks, and a camera for breaks at the spectacular lookout points. Another way to experience the park’s wildlife is by paddling along the shoreline of Silent Lake, and stopping off at the sandy beaches for a swim. You can also sometimes explore the adjoining lakes, Quiet and Soft lake, by completing a short portage through the dense forest. One unique feature at Silent Lake are the groomed mountain bike trails, rated as moderately difficult. This park is full of endless outdoor activities for all, so start planning your trip soon!


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1589 Silent Lake Park Road, Bancroft, ON, K0L 1C0

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