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Wheatley Provincial Park


Want to visit Ontario’s “deep south”? Take a drive down to Wheatley Provincial Park, a protected area in Canada at the same latitude of North California. This park has a unique composition of Carolinian forests, marshes, small creeks, and shallow bays and inlets. It also falls along the main migration route for many bird species. This combination of water and bird viewing makes it an ideal spot to paddle and take snapshots of the surrounding waterfowl. The campgrounds lie among the tangle of creeks in the beautiful Carolinian forest, near a path that winds through the woodlands. As you walk along the path, you’ll see beautiful native tree species, like hickory, tulip, Sassafras, chestnut and black gum trees. After wandering through these dreamy woodlands, stop at the sandy beach for a cool glass of lemonade or curl up with a good book.


Lake Erie


Treaty 2, 1790



21116 Klondyke Road, P.O. Box 640, Wheatley, ON, N0P 2P0

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