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    Curve Lake, ON - Liam Noronha

My Watermark is Curve Lake, Ontario.

I love to go on camping and cottage trips every year with my family. We usually go somewhere with a lake nearby because there are so many fun activities to do on the water. For example, my dad and my uncles love to go fishing. I like to go fishing with them too, and I’ m normally the one who catches all the fish not my dad or my uncles! My favourite cottage to visit is on Curve Lake, in the Kawartha Region.

For Thanksgiving last year in 2014, we visited Curve Lake again but this time we had company. My mom’s friend, Aunty Bernie, from Switzerland and her daughter Leisha were staying with us. This was a special memory for me because of all the fun we had playing games and sharing pumpkin pie and lots of other good food. I also did a lot of fishing and once I saw a blue heron dive into the lake and he caught a fish! I especially remember sitting in the hot tub, when out of nowhere, a raccoon came and tried to eat our food! My aunt tried to scare it away by doing silly dances that made me laugh really hard. It was almost as funny as my dad toppling over in the canoe earlier that day.

In the night, we all gathered near the water’s edge to watch fireworks that were being lit across the lake. It was so beautiful to watch because you could see the different colours of light reflected in the water below. Thanksgiving wouldn’t have been the same if the lake wasn’t there. Not only is it beautiful, but it makes me smile and laugh in so many different ways, from allowing me to go fishing, to the silly things we do on the canoe. The lake always brings a smile to my face.

Curve Lake, ON


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Liam Noronha

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Naomi Cardoz

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