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Lake Ontario, ON

Norma Draper

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

We always lived near the lake. When I was young, we were dirt poor with no money for recreation, but my Mom would always save up for the bus fare to take us to the Toronto beachs or the Scarborough Bluffs. From a young age, the lake has always been associated with good times.

We’ve bought two houses now and both have been within a short bike ride of the lake. I don’t necessarily need to see it all the time, but just being within close proximity of the lake is a must for me. Now I’m involved in sailing and windsurfing, sort of to make up for all the things I could not afford to do on the water as a kid. Everything to do with the lake, I want to try.

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8° degrees celsius.
Partly cloudy throughout the day.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Dana Jackson

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Norma Draper

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