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Etobicoke Creek, ON

Boris Bek

My Watermark is Etobicoke Creek.

Hello my name is Boris Bek. My connection with a water body lies in my relationship I have with the Etobicoke Creek in Mississauga. It also runs through Etobicoke and eventually spills out to Lake Ontario. The fact that such an expansive green space and body of water exists in an area heavily populated by homes and neighborhoods is very important to me. I’ve spent countless afternoons taking in the scenery and the wildlife. Further, I think it is very important for people to have access to a body of water. There are plenty of studies that have shown that we as humans have benefited greatly from being in nature and being among water. This is especially good for well being, when you are in a down mood, it definitely helps your mood. Being out in nature especially having a water body close to my home is very important to me.

In general, I think today the ecology we have there, we are very sheltered with it. It is obviously a very great tool, but it is very nice to get outside and close to a body of water and connect with nature on a spiritual level. That is why Etobicoke creek has been so important to me. We have a lot of daily activities we have to do in our lives. So it is nice for people to go outside, to interact with water, look at the birds, I see a lot of people fishing in the creek. My memories as a kid, me and my parents used to go for walks all the time. It is a very good environment to learn about earth and what not. Like I said, it is very important to me so I definitely recommend for people to be more proactive about finding a body of water. So many activities you can do in water that we take for granted in our every day life. Etobicoke Creek has been a life changing place for me. I recommend for people, in their daily lives, to look for a body of water to connect with.


Etobicoke Creek, ON


Lake Ontario

Collected by

Jai Boyal

Contributed by

Boris Bek

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