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    Georgian Bay, ON - S.A.

My Watermark is Georgian Bay, Ontario near Lion's Head

Lion's Head is a place in Ontario where my cousins, second cousins, aunts uncles, grandparents and other family members! We go to Lion's head every summer and go fishing and we do sandcastle competitions every summer for homecoming! And there's bands and some summers there are huge telescopes and we look through and look at the moon and different planets in our solar system. And the rocky beach with the rocks between my feet jumping and playing with my cousins, and I would climb and hike the adventures trees! This water is our haven for the summer getting away with my family and playing with no shoes! I want this place to be here when my kids are older, I want them to experience this wonderful place! So people need to respect this piece of land so our children can experience the same wonderful feeling we do!

Georgian Bay, ON

Lion's Head Provincial Park, ON


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Matthew Chisholm

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