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Georgian Bay, ON

Savannah Raeburn-Gibson

My name is Savannah Raeburn-Gibson. My water body is Georgian Bay.

My story about Georgian Bay is I grew up on Georgian Bay with all my cousins. My grandma lives out there. We’d out swimming there in the summers, we would camp around there. When I was little my parents used to take us out on kayak trips. My brother and I would sit just in the cockpits, or sorry the holding like where the luggage was supposed to go. We were so little that they would paddle and we just sit where the luggage would go. We’d go up to the islands, I’ve done trips up there.

I just have lots of memories. My parents got engaged out there. My brother and his new fiance got engaged this year there. My whole family spend time on Georgian Bay. It’s just great.

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Georgian Bay, ON


Lake Huron

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Amy Wilford

Contributed by

Savannah Raeburn-Gibson

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