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Golden Lake, ON

Naomi Sarazin

My Anishinabe name comes from the water and guides my purpose in life. As Anishinabekwe, I have been taught my roles and responsibilities as a woman. Anishinabekwe are caretakers of the water. I grew up near the water, and always find ways to connect to the water, no matter where I am in this world. I honour water through ceremony, and make offerings to the water spirits every year. It is water that sustains all life.

If I had to choose one body of water that I connect with the most, it would be Golden Lake. My community of Pikwàkanagàn is located on the shores of Golden Lake. Pikwàkanagàn is home.

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Golden Lake, ON


St. Lawrence River

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Naomi Sarazin

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Naomi Sarazin

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