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Lake Erie, ON

Jen Heschuck

My Watermark is Lake Erie.

I live in Edmonton, Alberta. My story about water is growing up in Southwestern Ontario along the Great Lakes, especially Lake Erie. As a child just going to play at the lake in the sand, watching the waves come in, skipping the rocks; I have vivid memories of Lake Erie. Also, travelling down to Toronto and Lake Ontario as well, Niagara Falls, just watching the water flow, how fast the river goes, and how it all joins into one body. It's pretty amazing stuff.

When you think of fresh water, you think of how little of a percentage that we actually have on our earth that is fresh water – it's under 1%. To have that in our country as a huge resource of the Great Lakes, and even the lakes out here, it's a precious resource we really need to take care of. I think we take it for granted. We have to focus on the quality of it and try to maintain our quality of water and try to conserve our water so we have it for future generations.

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Lake Erie, ON


Lake Erie

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Jen Heschuck

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