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Lake Erie, ON

Owen S

My Watermark is, Lake Erie on Grand Bend Beach.

When I was young at Grand Bend I always loved arriving to the wondrous feeling of sand between my toes and the feeling of the cool splashing waves against my warm body and the weird feeling of the slimey rocks on the soles of your feet. Oh, how I loved the beach. I loved picnicking there but I did not like it when I dropped my food in the sand. That happened a lot. And then the seagulls would come get it. So I chased them away but they also liked chasing me away!

When I was young at Grand Bend I used to dig holes hoping people would fall in. Now that I think of it, I was an evil child! I was so clumsy when I was young. I remember like falling on my face or tripping over my own feet or falling into my own holes causing them to cave inwards. Sometimes I dug holes so deep that once when I fell in, it was hard to get out!

When I was young at the beach I loved riding the waves and splashing my sister in the face. My sister and I always covered our dad in sand. Our whole family would make a sand kingdom together. And the hardest part was washing it all off.

When I was young at the beach my family always went into the market area and I always ate poutine and bought saltwater taffy and even sometimes bought ice cream. The market was colourful and and there was a lot of people going in and out of the stores and buying a lot of sweets merchandise and food. I loved getting sweets and food and looking at all the merchandise but my favourite part that I remember is going into the water at Grand Bend beach. Going to the beach is something I look forward to every year.

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Lake Erie, ON


Lake Erie

Collected by

Angela Efstratudakis

Contributed by

Owen S

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