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    Lake Huron, ON - Nolan S

My Watermark is Boiler Beach on Lake Huron, ON.

When I was young at the beach we used to walk all the way up and all the way down the shore. We would tell stories and eat popsicles and freezes and ice cream as we strolled. We would step on the sand and the water and up on the sidewalk. I would stride slowly with my little net and drag it trying to catch tiny fish.

When I was young at the beach I would jump over the waves and try to not let them knock me over. One time the waves were so big that I couldn’t stand steady and I went under the water gasping for air. I would always count how many waves I could jump over before I was knocked down.

When I was young at the beach I used to walk all the way out to the boiler that has been there for a long time, since a ship crashed into rocks and that is all that is left. I would climb up and sit on the boiler while the sun set. I also liked to explore inside the boiler looking at spider webs and seaweed.

When I was young at the beach I remember all of the fun things I did. I played baseball with my family, made sandcastles and was pulled around in the inflatable raft that we had. I also liked to make dams with sand and rocks in the little river that led to the beach.

Lake Huron, ON

Boiler Beach, Kincardine, ON


Contributed By
Nolan S

Collected By
Angela Efstratudakis

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