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    Lake Huron, USA - Robert Dunn

My Watermark is the Les Cheneaux Watershed, Lake Huron.

When I was a kid, we’d swim on a channel between two islands, and when we’d get to the other side, we’d pull bloodsuckers off our legs. We don’t see bloodsuckers anymore. We’d also swim across this 100-foot wide channel and we’d see clams about 3-inch in diameter. They were clams that we could open and play with; I don’t think they were a kind you’d have a clam chowder with, but those are gone. The Crawdads are gone. The fireflies are gone. The bees are pretty much gone. And a lot of the butterflies are gone. We don’t see this stuff anymore, and it’s sad to see it go.

I still see people having fun on the water, but there’s not as much respect for the environment as there was years ago.

Lake Huron, USA


Contributed By
Robert Dunn

Collected By
Allison Voglesong

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