Lake Ontario, ON

Watermark by Vanessa Ropp
Collected by Jessica Gordon
My Watermark is the Toronto and Ward Island waters in Lake Ontario.

My Watermark is the Lagoons on Ward's Island. My most memorable experience on this waterbody is, sampling water, looking at people enjoying nature, bird, fish, pollution and garbage. It's closest to my home and a wonderful day trip from Toronto. So glad there is no flooding this year. Thank you Swim Drink Fish!
Watermarks are true stories about you and your connection to a body of water. By archiving your story, you add to a living record of our shared water heritage, protecting these waters for generations to come. So tell us: What is your watermark?

The more a facility is used whether it be a trail or waterway, the more likely they are to be conservation oriented. So they are not going to spill garbage, or abuse it. They will see the value in it. The more a facility is used, the better value of society derives from it.

Credit River, ON - Lawrence Laamanen