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Lake St. Clair, ON

Michael Bondy

My Watermark is Lake St. Clair.

My name is Michael Bondy, and my Watermark is Lake St. Clair. It’s my Watermark because I kinda grew up on that river. I actually live on that river so every morning I wake up and I stare at that river regardless of the weather. Honestly, that river has been filled with great times, from boating trips to fishing, to anything out there.. just summers.

Fishing on that river also caused one of the less fun times for me. All I have to say is if you are ever fishing with my dad, never will be, and he goes to cast, just put your head down because bad things can happen. That is as far as I am going to go there, it gets a little gruesome. St. Clair has been a lot in my life


Lake St. Clair, ON


Lake Erie

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Jai Boyal

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Michael Bondy

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