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McGregor Creek, ON

Sheila Bateman

The cash crop farm I was raised on in the 60's was split into a few parcels of land by McGregor Creek, which drained into the Thames River near Chatham Ontario.

The water always ran clear and the sides of the banks were covered in grass and flowering plants. We were a family of four kids, two boys, and two girls. We were encouraged to enjoy the fresh air and played outside a lot. We had a lot of fun around McGregor Creek.

In the summer, we fished in the creek and I mostly recall the ugly carp fish. We used to lay on the top of the bridge and throw pebbles into the creek which created splashes of all sizes. In the winter, we skated. Well, we tried anyway. But I also remember watching the bubbling water run underneath us when the ice was clear of snow.

We had a lot of fun around water and sometimes even played in the water trough shown in the accompanying photo!


McGregor Creek, ON


Lake Erie

Collected by

John Lawrence

Contributed by

Sheila Bateman

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