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Thames River, ON

Blake Vince

My Watermark is Thames River, Ontario.

My watermark story is centered around my winter passion which is ice fishing. As a young boy, my father would wait for my brother and me, to arrive home on the bus after school. During the winter when life is less chaotic on the farm, he would take us to "The River".

I remember one evening in 1986 while fishing with some neighborhood kids my ice fishing passion was ignited. It wasn't particularly a "hot bite" as the old fisherman would say. That evening when the rest of the group didn't have a nibble, I managed to walk away with four nice Walleye in my pail.

To this day I still enjoy climbing over the bank and cutting a hole in the ice. The serenity of sitting on my pail with the sun setting over my shoulder is my ideal way to recharge my batteries.

The Thames will always hold a special place in my memory, I hope that it will continue to provide memories like this for generations to come.

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Thames River, ON


Lake Erie

Collected by

John Lawrence

Contributed by

Blake Vince

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