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Smith Lake, ON

Brandon Ciesielski

My Watermark is Smith Lake, Ontario.

Located outside Mattawa ON, near Eau Claire, Smith Lake is the home of my Pepere's camp. It is here that I would spend parts of my summer fishing, catching frogs near the rapids and swimming before cozying up by a campfire on the water's edge. One of my proudest and fondest memories is going fishing with my Pepere and my Uncle Richard and catching the biggest Walleye ever caught on this small lake and receiving a small trophy that passes along from one fishermen (or women) to the next that beats the lake's current record (The trophy is still at my Pepere’s camp several years later, to date no one has caught one bigger).

That time out on the water would also be the last time that I got to catch a fish with my Uncle Richard. Knowing he was sick at the time I decided to have that fish placed on my wall to serve as a reminder of the good times had on that lake, and in hopes that one day I can see an even larger fish come from that lake, so I can pass the trophy onto someone else.

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Smith Lake, ON


St. Lawrence River

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Brandon Ciesielski

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