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St. Lawrence River, USA

Samantha Hathaway

My name is Samantha Hathaway and my waterbody is the St Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands. It’s always been important to me because my grandparents had a cottage there up until I was thirteen, and we would go every labor and memorial weekend to visit them. The water was so clean you could bathe in it.

They had a really nice cottage and a wrap around deck and dock, so we could go fishing anytime. I remember there was two types of fish the smaller sunfish and the bigger pike that live under the dock.

I remember one time I was fishing and caught a sunfish and a pike jumped out of the water and grabbed my sunfish right of the line. All I remember was dropping my pole so fast and turning around and looking at my father's face and seeing the laughter slowly rising till he couldn’t hold it any longer and fell in the water.

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St. Lawrence River, USA


St. Lawrence River

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Claire Lawson

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Samantha Hathaway

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