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St. Marys River, USA

Kim Gravelle

My Watermark is the St. Marys River, Michigan.

I am from the Sault Tribe Ojibwe Indians. I'm from Sault St. Marie, Michigan and I was born and raised on Sugar Island. Being raised on an island, I was surrounded by water. When I was younger, you could go out and fish and catch a fish almost every time you went fishing. Now it's not the same. It takes a lot longer to catch just one fish. Where before you could stand on your dock guaranteed you were going to catch a fish within an hour. I think it's because of the invasive species.

We were talking about invasive species here today and it was mostly about the water species, but there are also birds that are invasive, grasses, things that are affecting our trees and shorelines. We just have to protect our Great Lakes and the waterways that connect them.

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St. Marys River, USA


Lake Huron

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Jeff Kart

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Kim Gravelle

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