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When was the last time you did...nothing? When did you last take a break, turn off your phone, and give your senses a rest from the overstimulation of every-day life? When did you last relax? Now is the perfect time to get outside and reap the mental and physical benefits of relaxing in the Great Lakes region. For your next date, try a nice picnic or evening spent star-gazing. Listen to your favourite podcast or read your favourite book outside. Take up a new hobby like gardening, painting landscapes, or photography. Don’t have a professional camera? Just use your phone or your old digital! As the saying goes, “the best camera is the one you have on you at the time.” Head out to the lakes and give yourself a well-deserved break!

Benefits of relaxing outside

There are so many mental and physical benefits to going outside. Relaxing outdoors is...

Calming - Getting outside is a great way to chill and immerse yourself in nature
Accessible - Outside is… well… literally right outside your door
Social - Instead of staying in and watching Netflix, take your friends outside for some beach volleyball or a nice walk in the park
Healthy - Relaxing outside helps to reduce blood pressure and increase levels of vitamin D, serotonin, and overall health
Affordable - Relaxing outside is completely free and available all year-round
Fun - There are so many fun activities to try, from wildlife viewing to star-gazing

Ways to relax outside

  • Walking
  • Picnics
  • Star-gazing
  • Photography
  • Unwind at the beach
  • Outdoor reading/audiobooks/podcasts
  • Meditation/yoga
  • Wildlife viewing/Birding

When I was young at the beach it was relaxing and I never wanted to go home and I imagined what life would be like living on the beach. I would jump into the waves and splash around like a 5 year old which I was at the time, so it sort of made sense.

Lake Huron, ON
Caleb R
Lake Huron Watershed