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Pancake Bay Provincial Park


The Pancake Bay beach is located on the eastern shore of Lake Superior within Pancake Bay Provincial Park, about 45 minutes north of Sault Ste. Marie by car. Valid park permits are required for all visitors. Both camping and day use permits are available for reservation either by visiting the Ontario Parks website, by calling the Ontario Parks Reservations Line at 1-888-668-7275, or in person in the park’s Gatehouse.

The beach is a 3.2 km-long beautiful sandy beach and features fantastic sunsets throughout the summer. Swimming is best in late July or August when the water is warmer. Pancake Bay is sheltered from the open water of Lake Superior by the two points that form the ends of the bay.

There are no lifeguards in the park and water safety is your responsibility. Exercise caution when there are large waves and/or strong winds.

The park has a free PFD (lifejacket) lending program and a free all-terrain wheelchairs lending program. The park also has a rental program for Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs), canoes, and kayaks. Rentals may be restricted depending on weather conditions. There are comfort stations and privvies (outhouses) available in the park and there is a large picnic shelter in the day use area.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park is working to protect the ecological integrity of its dunes by maintaining and growing its American Beach Grass, commonly known as Marram Grass. Marram Grass protects inland areas by absorbing the impact of strong storms and acting as a resilient barrier to the destructive forces of wind and waves. While Pancake Bay usually gains sand each year, its shoreline can be eroded by higher water levels and large waves. Marram Grass is the only self-repairing technique that is available, which makes it an important part of preserving ecological integrity.

When you visit Pancake Bay Provincial Park, do your part to protect the park’s ecological integrity by doing the following:
• Use established trails
• Respect rehabilitation sites and their boundaries
• Always keep your dog on a leash
• Place beach towels, chairs, watercrafts, etc. on packed sand close to Lake Superior and away from the sand dunes and grass
• Make sandcastles and do any digging at least 10 feet from the sand dunes and grass
• Educate your friends and family when they visit

Please contact the park directly at 705-882-2209 or visit the Ontario Parks website for the most current information.

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