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Pancake Bay Provincial Park


Imagine standing on a beach, next to Caribbean blue waters that transport you to the tropics. That is the view that awaits you at one of the largest freshwater lake in the World. Pancake Bay Provincial Park is located on the shores of Lake Superior, and boasts a 3.2 km fine sandy beach (one of the best in North America!). In the summer, these crisp waters are the perfect way to cool off after exploring all that the park has to offer. Explore the shoreline by canoe or kayak, or fish when the waves subside. The hiking trails in the park begin on the dramatic shorelines of the lake, and twists through old forests, along boardwalks over captivating wetlands, and a meandering creek. Keep your eyes peeled for moose, wolves, Black Bears, and birds, such as the famous Sandhill Cranes, Bald Eagles, Common Loons, and Cedar Waxwings. For a panoramic view of the bay, hike along the Lookout Trail. But don’t just stop after the first lookout, continue along the trail! The second lookout spot opens up to Whitefish Point; a stretch of lake also known as the “graveyard of the Great Lakes”. This is where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a storm in 1975.


Lake Superior

Traditional Territories



12729 Highway 17N, Batchawana Bay, ON, P0S 1A0

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