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For amazing views of Lake Superior, Batchawana Bay Provincial Park is the place to go. This day-use park is a wonderful place to picnic on the beach, and swim in the Lake Superior waves. It is great place to learn to paddle, by taking a short, scenic canoe route along the shoreline. The Ojibwe people gave Batchawana Bay the term Badjiwanung which refers “to water that bubbles up”. Batchawana Bay was an important fishing site for the Ojibwe people, and later became and outpost for Hudson's Bay Company in the 1900s. At the time, a fishing station was established at mouth of the Batchawana River. The area provides vital aquatic habitat for Canada’s largest freshwater fish species, the lake sturgeon. In Canada, the lake sturgeon is listed as a species of special concern under the Endangered Species Act. Not only does this park provide a scenic view, but it also protects these gigantic fish and many migratory birds by acting as a stopover area and important migration route!


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12729 Highway 17N, Batchawana Bay, ON, P0S 1A0

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