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Wards Island is a little piece of natural paradise in the City of Toronto. It is a popular place to visit for Toronto mainland residents and tourists. Wards Island is where the residential part of the island is. It is home year-round to over 600 people. In the summer the residents and visitors of Wards Island have multiple places to go for a canoe, kayak, and Stand-Up-Paddle. Popular places to access the water include the freshwater lagoon named Sunfish Cut. On any given day in the summer, people are seen Stand-Up-Paddling, canoeing, swimming, and relaxing in the water. It is an easy place to launch a canoe or kayak and adventure up the Sunfish Cut lagoon. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open, as you will see plenty of frogs, birds, and fish on your adventures in this area.

The Island Sampling Team is made up of residents of Wards Island. These citizen scientists are a part of the Toronto Monitoring Hub, which is one of Swim Drink Fish’s monitoring hubs. You can access the detailed open data files for this location here:

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I remember it froze all the way across, but there wasn’t any snow. The snow had all blown off. So it was just an immense skating rink. For the week it was like that, I was on it every day and we would play hockey.

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