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Snake Island is a popular spot for recreational water users on Wards Island in Toronto. There are wonderful secluded beaches located on Snake Island and many opportunities to take a dip in the cool fresh waters of the lagoon. In the summer the residents and visitors of Wards Island can go out for a canoe, kayak, and Stand-Up-Paddle. The Toronto Islands are a little piece of natural paradise in the City of Toronto. It is a popular place to visit for Toronto mainland residents and tourists. Wards Island is where the residential part of the island is. It is home year-round to over 600 people.

No lifeguards are on duty at Snake Island so swim at your own risk. In 2017 and 2019 Toronto Islands reached historical water levels submerging much of the Island underwater.

The Island Sampling Team is made up of residents of Wards Island. These citizen scientists are a part of the Toronto Monitoring Hub, which is one of Swim Drink Fish's monitoring hubs. You can access the detailed open data files for this location here:

Water Quality:

  • Weather
  • Current temperature
  • 11°
    Feels like 11°
Partly cloudy throughout the day.

    • Humidity

    • 78%
    • Precipitation

    • 0%
    • Precip. type

    • None
    • UV Index

    • 1
    • Visibility

    • 10.3km
    • Sunrise

    • 7:38 AM
    • Sunset

    • 6:27 PM
    • Wind gust

    • 12.3kph
    • Wind speed

    • 12.3kph
    • Wind direction

    • East

    • Today

    • 15°
    • Monday

    • 15°
    • 11°
    • Tuesday

    • 16°
    • 10°
    • Wednesday

    • 11°
    • Thursday

    • 16°
    • Friday

    • 13°
    • Saturday

    • 11°

The flora and fauna need protection, but humans are not outside the natural environment: we are part of it too!

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