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Arrowhead Beach Park


Arrowhead beach is an ideal place to swim, kayak and bring your dog for a day at the beach. Beach is sandy and has a gradual depth. Lots to see here including sailboats as CFB Yacht Club is within this area. There's also a trail through the woods where you will find some lovely quiet green space. One of the coolest things is in the water just left of the beach in Dead Mans Bay. Here lies an old 150 foot sunken ship resting in shallow clear waters. Perfect for viewing or diving down to touch, (if you are brave enough.)

Arrowhead Beach is one of five sites monitored by the community water monitoring hub in Kingston. Launched in 2020, the Kingston hub is one of six Swim Drink Fish hubs across the country. It is also a Lake Ontario Waterkeeper project. The hubs aim to grow connections between communities and local waterways by providing access to low-cost and accessible water monitoring tools for citizen scientists. Through water monitoring, the hub hopes to help inform community decisions about addressing pollution and protecting and restoring the Great Lakes.

We sample this site every Thursday morning and process our samples using TECTA-PDS technology, which provides us water quality results in less than a day!

You can learn more about the initiative and how to get involved here:

This project has been undertaken with financial support from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Water Quality

Passes water quality tests 95%+ of the time.
Water quality information provided by Swim Guide with the support of RBC Royal Bank.


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