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Christie Lake Conservation Area


Christie Lake offers a 360-metre sandy beach. The swimming area accommodates 6,000 bathers at a time and serves more than 100,000 bathers over the course of the swimming season. Prior to 2011, as much as 6-tonnes of chlorine were put into the lake each summer in an effort to keep bacteria levels down. The quality of the water without chlorine is very good, and the Conservation Authority believes chlorination is no longer necessary. The Conservation Area is located on the spectacular Niagara Escarpment and also offers 10-kilometres of trails. This man-made reservoir was created in the early 1970's to control flooding. The Christie Reservoir is part of the Spencer Creek watershed, which starts on the Niagara Escarpment and flows into Lake Ontario at Cootes Paradise, Hamilton.

Photograph by: Hamilton Conservation Authority

Water Quality

Passes water quality tests 95%+ of the time.
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