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Babbling brooks. Carolinian forests. Meadows. Historic ruins. Dundas Valley Conservation Area has it all! Explore this nearly 3,000 acre conservation area and surround yourself with natural and cultural history. The area is home to a large ancient glacial valley, extending out to Lake Ontario with small streams that wind through the landscape. There are a grand total of 40 trails, ideal for hiking, cycling, and horseback riding among the many rare plant and animal species that call this conservation area home. In fact, this precious natural environment has been designated as a World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

Within the park there is a beautiful pavilion right next to a fishing platform and open meadow area, making it a popular wedding destination. At the centre of it all, you will find a stunning replica of a Victorian train station, the Dundas Valley Rail Centre. Here you will also find a food concession, interpretive displays, and the meetup point for many guided hikes and nature interpretation workshops. History buffs rejoice! Dundas Valley is also home to the picturesque Hermitage Ruins. Stop along your hike down the Main Loop Trail to explore the ruins of 1800 stone houses, These fallen stones have a rich history filled with family life, lost love, and tragic death. Legend has it that you can still hear whispers of past residents in the old stones and down the infamous Lover’s Lane.


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650 Governors Rd, Dundas, ON L9H 5E3

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I spent time with my friends, got stung by my first wasp on the swimming dock, and bobbed around in my inner tube.

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