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Grimsby Beach connects you to Lake Ontario's past. From the beach, you can still see the pilings from a pier where ferries from Hamilton and Toronto used to dock. People flocked to this beach for good times for the first half of the 20th Century. The Hamilton district of the Methodist Church group opened Grimsby Park in 1846. In 1910, Harry Wylie purchased the park to build carousels, a motion picture theater, and a "Figure 8" roller coaster. Canada Steamship Lines bought the park in 1916, but its popularity fell after fires consumed many of its wooden buildings. From the 1920s to the 1950s, park attractions gradually closed and developers bought up land to build cottages. With its fragile thread of history, Grimsby Beach is a perfect place for boating, fishing, walking, beach volleyball and admiring the sunset.


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As a young kid that fascinated me that my dad used to be able to go fishing and camping along Black Creek in Toronto. That kind of set me on a whole career of wanting to improve water quality and I am so proud of what the City of Toronto has done to restore fish habitat and they have a vibrant fishery along the shoreline.

Black Creek, ON - Michael Goffin