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Lakeside Park Beach is picturesque place on the south shore of Lake Ontario. Beautiful views of the Port Dalhousie Harbour and lighthouse can be found while walking through the park or along the sandy shoreline. Lakeside Park is a historical site and home to an antique carousel carved by Charles I. D. Looff in 1905. The carousel is still open for rides today for 5 cents a turn. Throughout the warm months, Lakeside Beach is alive with people soaking in the sun, swimming, and playing frisbee, soccer and volleyball. There is an annual Canada Day fireworks celebration in Lakeside Park and many people gather to watch the display from the beach or from their boats. You can bring your own BBQ and spend an afternoon with friends and family, or bike through the park's many trails.

You can see the famed Port Dalhousie lighthouse and harbour from this beach.

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It’s important because it provides habitat for the frogs and breeding amphibians like salamanders.

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