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    Plage du camp Nominingue camp Beach
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Cette plage appartient au camp Nominingue. Pour plus d'information, consultez le www.nominingue.com.

This beach belongs to Camp Nominingue. For more information, visit www.nominingue.com.

Photo: camp Nominingue

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  • Fog
  • 13°
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I've had incredible - perhaps more memorable - experiences on other lakes, such as Grand, Manitou, Eustache, and the Natch, but Canoe was a constant for 6 years of canoe tripping. Canoe Lake will always be a special place for me, and when I go back to Algonquin for more canoe trips - on my own or with camp - I will always enter and exit through it.

Canoe Lake, ON - David Niddam-Dent
Algonquin Provincial Park