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(La version française suivra) Lake Clear Beach is 12m x 60m with a lake bed drop off that is very gradual. One needs to wade up to at least 200m before hitting swimming depth. The lake bed is smooth and clean. On the beach, the fine white sand is ideal for sand castles. There are no picnic areas or lifeguards on duty but compost toilets are available to the public. There are no boat launches in proximity to the beach (located elsewhere) but the area is perfect for a paddle to nearby Hurds Creek where you can spot many snapping turtles and peregrin falcons. The Lake Clear Conservancy Buelow Beach Swim Guide shows weekly water E.coli testing results measured by the Renfrew County and District Health Unit during the swimming season from June 1 to the end of August.
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La plage de Lake Clear est 12m x 60m avec une descente en eau profonde graduelle. Pour se baigner en eau profonde, il faudrait s'éloigner jusqu'à 200 m de la plage. Le fond est sablonneux et clair. La plage est composée de sable fin et lorsque mouillé, est idéal pour la construction de châteaux de sable. Il n'y a pas de zone désignée pour les piques-niques ou de sauveteurs sur les lieux. Procédez à vos propres risques. Il y a des toilettes publiques sur les lieux. Malheureusement, il n'y a pas de mise à l'eau pour les embarcations nautiques sur les lieux mais le coin est idéal pour avironner paisiblement autour de Hurds Creek et observez les tortues serpentines (Snapping Turtles) et les faucons pélerins!
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The Madawaska is a perfect place to canoe as it doesn't get choppy and there aren't a prevalence of rapids. Soloing the river, still to this day, instills me with a calming feeling of confidence and strength. Canoeing also creates a connection between myself and the river, as there is no sound or speed to block out my beautiful surroundings. You are able to hear and see every detail: the snapping turtles lurking in the marsh, schools of minnows and the many sounds of songbirds.

Madawaska River, ON
Julia Hambleton
St. Lawrence River Watershed