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Windmill Point


This location was monitored by the Lake Erie - Niagara Hub, one of Swim Drink Fish’s recreational water monitoring hubs and was established in collaboration with the Niagara Coastal Community Collaborative. As of 2020, this beach is no longer being monitored.

Located nearby to cozy Windmill Point Park, this beach, is an excellent place to take family and friends to show them the Lake for the first or fortieth time. It is also known as “a Window to Lake Erie”, meaning there is public road allowance to provide access to one of the few stretches of public coastline in Fort Erie. Few people know Windmill Point Beach is public and the Lake Erie - Niagara Hub is sampling there to bring awareness to this fact so more people get access to the water. This also allows the hub to provide information to the people who live in the area and swim at the beach regularly.

This shoreline also provides sufficient habitat for the Fowler’s Toad along the shoreline. The bedrock beach is a unique alvar ecosystem and home to a breeding population of this species, which currently has an endangered status in Ontario.

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