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Inverhuron Provincial Park


Located on the shores of Lake Huron, Inverhuron Provincial Park is chock-full of Ontario’s cultural and natural history. The park is located in the Saugeen Territory, with human habitation dating back at least six thousand years. This region was used by Indigenous peoples for millenia, due to its abundant natural resources. There were plenty of sandy places to land canoes and build summer camping and fishing sites. As such, there are irreplaceable archaeological and cultural features that are protected by this park. Several prehistoric Aboriginal archaeological sites and signs of early Canadian settlement can be found in the park grounds. Today, as you journey through the park you are immersed in a diverse system of habitats that protect many fish, animals, and rare plants. There are young forests of White Cedar, Balsam Fir, and Aspens, and matured forests of Maple, Ash, and Hemlock. Inland from the park beach, on the shoreline of Lake Huron, there are stretches of sand dunes, both young and old. Some of the older dunes are covered by White Cedar and poplar, and are interspersed with rare, open grasslands.


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19 Jordan Road, R. R. #2, Tiverton, ON, N0G 2T0

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