Located on the shores of one of the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Superior Provincial Park encompasses rugged shorelines, high cliffs, pebbled beaches, rivers, and captivating forests. Due to its immense size, standing next to Lake Superior is akin to standing on the shores of a freshwater inland ocean. This provincial park is the place to experience the colossal power of the great lakes. The park has both natural and cultural significance, which you can experience by hiking along the Agawa Rock Trail. The highlight of this trail are the rock shoreline cliffs with their fascinating pictographs. This is a sacred site for generations of Ojbwe people who have come to record dreams, visions, and events. The pictographs are of abstract figures, canoes, and both real and mythical animals. You will see images of deer, bear, and caribou, but also of horned and spiny animals. The horned animal is thought to be the Great Lynx, called Misshepezhieu: the spirit of the water. The story goes that Misshepezhieu could either calm the lake waters, or cause storms by thrashing his tail!


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It has never seen a motorboat. So when you dive into the water and you're just breaking the surface you get this incredible aroma of pure freshwater hitting your nose.

Mijinemungshing Lake, ON - Jim Tovey
Lake Superior Provincial Park