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Mission Island Marsh


Mission Island Marsh is a beautiful conservation area located on Mission Island at the south end of the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. This diverse ecosystem spans 41 acres, with 2.4 km of easy-going trails. The trails will take you through forests, lagoons, meadows, and coastal wetland habitats. Many species of birds, fish, deer, and waterfowl live in the region — there are even binoculars lining the walking paths! See if you can spot Bald Eagles, Pelicans, or any of the other species that call Mission Island home. Many visitors enjoy heading out on the water for a tranquil paddle, or an exciting afternoon of windsurfing or kite-boarding. In the winter, many hike out to Mutton Island on the ice. But be aware, it is much farther than it looks! Visit Mission Island Marsh for a relaxing nature retreat year-round.

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106th St, Thunder Bay, ON

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