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Rondeau Provincial Park


Rondeau Provincial Park is the second oldest Provincial Park and is home to the rare and endangered old growth Carolinian forest and extensive coastal wetlands. You can explore the wetlands by swimming and canoeing in the 11km stretch of sandy beach along Lake Erie. Remnants of the Carolinian forests are found in Southern Ontario, due to its warmer climate. These forests are made up of large, beautiful deciduous trees. It is a unique ecozone with up to 20 different broadleaf tree species forming the woodlands. When you visit Rondeau Provincial Park in the summer, bring a book and a blanket and sit beneath the leafy sassafras, tulip, and red oak trees. Since this area has been protected for so long, you might catch a glimpse of the rarer trees that make up with forest, like the butternut squash tree that is listed as endangered. These forests also support many native animals, making them biodiversity hotspots, making their conservation critical. Recently, Rondeau Provincial Park with found to have the highest number of endangered species of all provincial parks in Ontario. So, while you walk through the woods, keep in mind there are some of the rarest animal and plant species that call this place home.

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

This park is on the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.
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Lake Erie

Traditional Territories

Attiwonderonk (Neutral)


Treaty 2, 1790



18050 Rondeau Park Road, Morpeth, ON, N0P 1X0

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