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Sinclair's Bush Conservation Area


Sinclair’s Bush Conservation Area is a beautiful 114 acre Carolinian forest within Chatham-Kent, Ontario. This beautiful area is filled with rare species, including the Pawpaw tree, the Tulip Tree, Carrey’s Sedge, and the Winged Monkey Flower. The forest is also home to some rare animal and insect species, including the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly which feeds on the leaves of the Pawpaw tree (bearing Ontario’s largest edible native fruit). The forest is relatively undisturbed, with trails winding throughout. Hike or cycle your way through the trees for an unforgettable tour in nature.

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

This park is on the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.
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Lake Erie

Traditional Territories

Attiwonderonk (Neutral)


Treaty 2, 1790




Harwich Road, Chatham-Kent, ON

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