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    Wainfleet Bog Conservation Area
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Wainfleet Bog Conservation Area is a rare and beautiful wetland habitat within the Niagara Peninsula. This bog was created an estimated 12,000-5,000 years ago by the retreat of the last Ice Age glaciers. As this water melted, it pooled and covered the existing plant life, providing a new habitat for unique wildlife to flourish. Today, an underlying peat material covers the bog, allowing other plant life to grow on top, including Labrador Tea, Cotton Grass, and Leaf plants. Visitors to Wainfleet Bog Conservation Area enjoy hunting, birding, hiking, along with snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter time. Explore this park along the many well-marked trails and boardwalks. Keep your eyes peeled for butterflies, migrating songbirds and other animals that call this unique habitat home.


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20389 Erie Peat Rd, Wainfleet, ON

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