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Dumoine River, QC

Steve Rogers

Hi, my name is Steve Rogers and I live in Mississauga, Ontario. I think my favorite, and I’ve got a list of lots of rivers, and my favorite would be the Dumoine River in Quebec. Myself and a group of fellows have gone down the Dumoine River. We go right after Labour Day, and I’ve gone down the river probably 10 times. It’s 32 sets of rapids so it’s fairly challenging. We do everything on the Dumoine. We’re able to go through the whitewater and learn how to do all the back paddling and get through it without tipping – there’s that aspect to it. So it’s physically challenging and we have our last night of our trip...we never pack food because we depend on fishing. Generally speaking, we get our fill of pickerel or small mouth bass. It’s a great little river in Quebec.


Dumoine River, QC


St. Lawrence River

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Gabrielle Parent-Doliner

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Steve Rogers

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