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(Version française suit) This beach is part of the Carson Lake Provincial Park. Nestled between Carson and Trout lakes south of Algonquin Provincial Park, this recreational park has a scenic charm common to this part of Ontario. The park is in the Grenville province of the Precambrian Shield and is forested by stands of Poplar, White Pine and Red Pine. The park is gated and only accessible by foot. There is no camping, however the lake provides opportunities for swimming and canoeing. There are no amenities at this beach.

Cette plage fait partie du Parc provincial du lac Carson. Niché entre Carson et lacs Trout sud du parc provincial Algonquin, ce parc de loisirs a un charme pittoresque commune à cette partie de l'Ontario. Le parc se trouve dans la province de Grenville du Bouclier précambrien et est boisé par des peuplements de peuplier, pin blanc et le pin rouge. Il n'y a pas de camping, mais le lac offre des possibilités pour la baignade et le canotage. Il n'y a pas de services disponibles sur cette plage.

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The Madawaska is a perfect place to canoe as it doesn't get choppy and there aren't a prevalence of rapids. Soloing the river, still to this day, instills me with a calming feeling of confidence and strength. Canoeing also creates a connection between myself and the river, as there is no sound or speed to block out my beautiful surroundings. You are able to hear and see every detail: the snapping turtles lurking in the marsh, schools of minnows and the many sounds of songbirds.

Madawaska River, ON
Julia Hambleton
St. Lawrence River Watershed